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Welcome to Bridgwater Blake Probus Club


Next Meeting: Tuesday 5th April 10.15 am

The topic will be "Say it with ease " by Caroline Gulliford.

Bridgwater Blake Probus Club says farewell to Graeme Turner. R.I.P.


Welcome to our newest member Mike Grabner.



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Minutes of the AGM held at the Bridgwater Pantomime Society Hall

on Tuesday 2nd February 2016


For the second consecutive meeting Speaker Secretary John Edney was left outside, pacing up and down waiting for the speaker. He has now reached the conclusion that he will in future when attending Probus meetings he will not wear light coloured trousers. With the speaker still absent it was decided to proceed with the meeting and allow the speaker to interrupt the meeting if and when possible.

President Tony duly opened the meeting at 10.05 by greeting 11 ladies and three visitors, namely Norman Halliday and Derek Fothergill from East Quantocks, and Mike Grabner. This made a total of 43 present to enjoy the tea, coffee and biscuits whilst wondering if another quiz was imminent.

President Tony called for the Treasurer’s report but as soon as Roy launched into his “state of the nation” address the speaker appeared and was allowed the floor.

SPEAKER. After several abject apologies for her tardiness Joan Knowman gave a 50 minute informative and amusing “Portrait of Joyce Grenfell”. While often reading   extracts from Grenfell’s own book, Joan was able to recite much of her work whilst donning appropriate hats and various skirts.

A short questions and answers session followed before our special guest, the chairperson of the Cannington W I, Sheila Allen, gave a cordial vote of thanks, endorsed by a generous round of applause.

After a short comfort break the members being much relieved (as the dreaded quiz was now no longer a possibility) President Tony inducted Geoff Draper and Tim Jackson by presenting them with their badges.

MINUTES. It was proposed that the minutes of the 2015 AGM be taken as read. The proposition made by Mike Needs and seconded by Gordon Taylor was carried unanimously.

MINUTES. The minutes of the regular meeting of January were read and approved.

MATTERS ARISING. There were no matters arising.

TREASURER. At last Roy Deakin was able to present his balance sheet (copy attached) which showed a loss of £280.68 for the year. Roy elaborated on the rapid rise in costs of the rent and speakers and explained that even with an acceptable increase in subs a loss in the coming year would still be unavoidable. The recent increase in membership was extremely encouraging and this trend it is hoped will continue. The existence of the reserve fund meant that the club has the financial wherewithal to sustain losses for several years to come should that be required. Roy formally proposed, seconded by the ubiquitous, omniscient and unruly  Stan Homer, that subs should be raised by £5 to £25 per annum, was carried nem. con. (except for the undecided Stan Homer!). Roy expressed his thanks to Eric Pasco the honorary auditor.

SOCIAL SECRETARY. Charles Parkes gave the floor to Derek Fothergill from East Quantock who enumerated the trips organised by their club and solicited our support. Charles then proceeded with the Top Hat Club draw for January and magically won the first prize of £8 for himself! Second prize of £3.45 went to George Lindsay. This was swiftly followed by the February draw when low and behold the first prize was won by the treasurer and best mate of Charles, Roy Deakin. Frank Dodden settled for second prize.

MAGIC MOMENT. Charles himself told the gripping and grisly tale of how he had a very close encounter with a floating dead body whilst diving for the Navy in the Suez Canal. Not a Magic Moment, more a macabre memory.

CARE CO-ORDINATION. Ron Allen was able to report that Dennis Northam was still recovering and should soon be able attend our meetings.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS. The Secretary read a letter from Mike Millman whose severe mobility problems have caused him to be unable to continue his membership. In the letter he thanked the club for all the interesting and happy times enjoyed in the past. A generous cheque of £50 was enclosed.

Geoff distributed several name tag holders with a renewed plea for all members to wear them in future in order to help our influx of new members to better integrate.


The organiser of the monthly lunch who preferred not to be named invited all, especially the new members, to the Enmore Golf Club for a couple of hours of fun, fellowship flannel and food.


TRIVIA. Included in the usual birthdays, deaths and events Geoff congratulated President Tony and Pat on their forthcoming 60th wedding anniversary. This came as a surprise to Tony who quickly recovered by guessing the date correctly.

The stories of Easy Eddie and Butch O’Hare were well received although a short lesson on the Clerihew was not so well taken by Mrs Parle.

The meeting closed at 12.05 pm.

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